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How do we celebrate Milwaukee? We fish the rivers, play in playgrounds, party in the parks & church basements, work hard, picnic with friends and families. Respect for the environment has been historically shown in Milwaukee’s compact European design with lots of green space. This design supports cost-effective public transportation. The beautiful County parks, river systems, and Lake Michigan increase the quality of our lives.

Milwaukee leads the US in water technology & urban agriculture, Green Architecture, river revitalization efforts, and revolutionary environmental products with low energy demands and footprint.

We love Milwaukee, and people are interested in what Milwaukeeans are doing to protect its’ Natural Resources, increasing quality of life with locally grown foods, and how our Universities and industries are providing innovative technologies to the world.

Sustainable innovation and thoughtful development can be motivated by educating ourselves on Milwaukee’s historical land use, technology development activities, and efforts to create cultural vibrancy.

Milwaukee ECO Sites & Stories

Milwaukee ECO Tour encourages Milwaukeeans to share their ECO Story!

Please share your examples of interesting Milwaukee environmental infrastructure, educational resources, hiking & recreation maps, and other stories of sustainability in business, city planning, or low-impact practices. 

Stories & Sites can be added to the database by sending a 2-5 sentence description & location reference to: 

Thank you for your support to celebrate Milwaukee's Green Infrastructure !

The Milwaukee Urban Gardens have turned vacant, inner city lots into beautiful gardens that supply fresh produce to local residence. The gardens provide a way for neighbors a way to get together and build the community in a positive way.

Location: 1845 N Farwell Ave #100, Milwaukee, WI 53202


Green roofs help to reduce storm water flow into sewers, improve air quality, and reduce the cost of heating and air conditioning by adding vegetation on the tops of buildings. The green roof at 809 Broadway Building was installed in 2007.

Location: 809 Broadway Building of City Hall Complex, Milwaukee

Address: 809 N Broadway, Milwaukee, WI 53202


The Harley Davidson Museum transformed a "brownfield site" into a beautiful and environmentally friendly property. Remediation of the site consisted of capping soils and repairing a dock wall to prevent erosion into the Menomonee River. 

Location: Harley Davidson Museum

Address: 400 W Canal St, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53201


The Port Administration Building and the City of Milwaukee's Environmental Sustainability Office teamed up to install a Northern Power wind turbine at the Port's property near the shore of Lake Michigan. This turbine provides over one hundred percent of the Milwaukee Port's electrical needs.

Location: Port of Milwaukee

Address: 2323 S Lincoln Memorial Dr , Milwaukee, WI 53207


Milwaukee's Office of Environmental Sustainability installed public electric vehicle charging stations throughout the city. With more electric vehicles on the road, dependency on foreign oil can be reduced and air quality can be improved. Other EV charging sites are being compiled in web-based applications.

Address: City Parking Lot EV Charger @43.053432,-87.894863


Milwaukee's Office of Environmental Sustainability has installed LED street lights to cut energy costs and become more energy efficient.

Location: Between Oklahoma and Morgan on South Indiana Ave.


The "Pryor Avenue Iron Well" taps into an artesian well and locals and visitors frequently bring their own containers to collect the water for their own use.

Tasted like good ol' well water to me.

Location: West of Superior Avenue on Pryor Avenue.


Milwaukee Shines teamed up with MSOE to install a solar hot water system, which includes flat panel solar collectors and storage tanks, on Loock Hall. This system provides the dormitory with cost-effective and energy efficient hot water for the students' basic house hold needs.

Location: Margaret Loock Residence Hall

Address: North Milwaukee Street, Milwaukee, WI 53202


The Green Streets Storm Water Management Plan is a program designed to reduce flooding on Milwaukee's city streets to improve the quality of nearby lakes and rivers. The program installs green infrastructures, like bioretention basins in street medians and tree trenches near sidewalks, that filter pollutants and absorb storm water to decrease the amount of pollutants entering lakes and rivers.

Location: Grange Avenue Median

Address: West Grange Ave & South 68th Street, Greendale, WI 53129


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We would love to enter all of this information into an App that shares Milwaukee ECO Stories and encourages visitors to visit the sites and learn more about pollution reduction projects and emerging environmental technologies. The GIS-based database of ECO Sites can be used to develop a self-guided tours that encourages participation by all Milwaukeeans, students, businesses, visitors and school groups. 

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